OUR MISSION is to provide you with refreshingly objective, brilliantly strategic, independent financial advice & wealth coaching focused on you, your best interests and your greatest goals.

What's in it for YOU?  Happiness - that warm feeling that comes from knowing that you've taken action to ensure your financial success and your loved ones' future.

Success is getting what you want,

Happiness is wanting what you get.


We are ALL About YOU!

You are the reason we love what we do!

We will help you:

  • Protect What (and Who!) You Love
  • Grow Your "Dough"
  • Enjoy your Wealth!

How do we do that?  By:

  • Managing Risk in Your Money
  • Designing Your Financial Future
  • Using Insurance Products Wisely
  • Finding Future Income Streams
  • Creating Your Legacy
  • Optimizing Social Security
  • Coaching for Wealth Wellness & Financial Fitness 

This is "all about you". As a fiduciary, our focus is 100% on putting your best interests first and providing you with the BEST financial solutions and recommendations for your unique situation. It's not good enough if a recommendation is "suitable" or  "acceptable"....we want the BEST for you.

Are you cautious about your investments at this point in your life?  Does the concept of having a source of lifetime income appeal to you?  Is it important for you to protect what you've created? If so, our investment philosophy may resonate with you.  We focus on protecting your wealth, creating a financial future and managing risk throughout your life.   

    Wouldn't it be easier to take steps towards your future if you had a financial "roadmap"?  We strongly believe so.  Working together, we'll help you identify your goals and design a plan to bridge the gap between today's reality and your future financial dreams!

    What is BEST for YOU?

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    As the President and Founder of Wealth Ensured LLC, Teresa Davila helps people like you - professionals, business owners, corporate folks and leaders - attain their financial goals and dreams and protect their family's financial future dreams. 

    With over 20 years of experience as an advisor and coach, Teresa brings you the wisdom needed to find the best course of action for your financial concerns.  She can help you discover hidden investment strategies for income planning, asset protection, legacy creation and wealth distribution.

    Using a comprehensive, holistic approach that combines financial education, planning and coaching, Teresa helps her clients preserve and protect their assets and gain  peace of mind for their future.  Peace of mind not only for themselves, but for their loved ones as well.

    Who is Teresa Davila? She's a caring, competent and compassionate executive who is living her ministry and dream life by helping folks achieve greater success with their wealth!  She helps people nationwide as a seasoned advisor, a certified annuity specialist, registered fiduciary, profession coach, chartered retirement planning counselor, a registered investment advisor and a licensed insurance broker. Last but not least, she helps homeless people and pets and knows how to make finance easy, understandable and even "fun" for investors at all levels of experience!

    FREE Events & Learning!

    At Wealth Ensured, we are committed to financial education, enlightenment and empowerment for anyone who wants to improve their financial well being and achieve true wealth.

    Knowledge and insight can provide the clarity you need to make your best financial decisions. Decisions about how to protect what (and who) you love, grow your "dough", create your personal legacy and truly enjoy your wealth!  We take your financial awareness to a higher level by increasing your financial wisdom exponentially. 

    As as Board Certified Coach, Teresa can help  you improve your financial success by working with you to identify your core money beliefs and wealth values. The ultimate goal is to improve  your financial fitness and wealth wellness with a clear, actionable plan!

    Attend a FREE upcoming event and learn how to take control of your financial destiny so that you can create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.



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